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Up to date: Today’s hottest political stories

I was watching a TV program today and an important question was asked: should a politicians wife be considered when voting for a candidate. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama will also be the focus of their husbands this upcoming elections, but should they be? Ann Romney has been the focus lately because of comments made [...]

Current politics, always fresh and always on time

The latest news stories are constantly evolving and it’s important to keep up on the latest timely stories. On a day to day basis, virtually thousands of news stories are released and it can often seem difficult to keep up on changing events both worldwide and in individual communities. One type of newsworthy stories that [...]

Your politics, your way, right now

Want to get more involved in how the political system in Colorado works? Empower yourself with knowledge and participate in the political systems in your area. Many people are quick to judge when it comes to our representatives and law makers. Without having knowledge of how the game is played, many of those people look [...]

The political hot spot for todays world

Though it is impossible to follow all of the world’s current events, these global hot spots remain in the media spotlight and impact world events everyday. Keep an eye on the Middle East, even if the Arab Spring media mania has died out. Currently the Americans are trying to draw down in Afghanistan, Egypt’s presidential [...]

Political stories for the everyday thinker

Political predictions are difficult to make. During every presidential election, millions of people watch television late into the night, wanting to know, state by state, where their candidate of choice stands. Predictions are made as the votes come in. Keep in mind, though, the cautionary tale of the 1948 Presidential election between Dewey and Truman. [...]