The political hot spot for todays world

Though it is impossible to follow all of the world’s current events, these global hot spots remain in the media spotlight and impact world events everyday.

Keep an eye on the Middle East, even if the Arab Spring media mania has died out. Currently the Americans are trying to draw down in Afghanistan, Egypt’s presidential elections are quickly approaching, and the Syrian government refused to comply with the United Nations cease-fire agreement. These events only scratch the surface of this region.

China continues to grow rapidly in economic and political importance. Within decades it will become the world’s largest economy. Those it chooses to trade with, buy and borrow from will also do better financially. However, how it plans to treat its own 6.7 billion citizens, including the Tibetans, and whether it censures nations like North Korea, are examples of how China has a major influence on human rights.

The European Union still stands on shaky ground. Creditors still look on nervously, as the European Central Bank supports financially unsteady economies.

America’s economy is slowly turning. The country is months away from a presidential election, yet the Republican party is still in turmoil.

Lastly Brazil is a country to keep up with, in the South America; it has good governance and an export economy that traders favor.

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