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I was watching a TV program today and an important question was asked: should a politicians wife be considered when voting for a candidate. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama will also be the focus of their husbands this upcoming elections, but should they be?

Ann Romney has been the focus lately because of comments made by a Democratic stagiest who basically said Mrs. Romney had no idea what is to work. A lot of women took exception to what was said because Mrs. Romney is a stay at home mom who raised her five boys.Is this new to you? Catch up here But why should this matter to women politically? The focus was taken off her husband’s record when it came to women’s issues and squarely put where it shouldn’t have been and that was on his spouse.

Who cares what Ann Romney or Michelle Obama do in their private lives. This election should be what each candidate benefits women and how they support women’s issues. Romney has been avoiding the subject on abortion and equal pay for women because of his stance or lack off stance on these subjects which may hurt him in November.

President Obama has been touting his record on women’s issues, but in some cases he still has a problem with certain type of women in the country. The point is, let’s deal with the issues this election, not the spouses.

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