Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Joins Colorado Wildfire Relief Effort

In the heat of July, republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was on the campaign trail in Colorado. Romney stopped by Care and Share, a food bank in Colorado Springs, to lend a hand in providing aid to wildfire victims in the area. Thousands have been displaced as a result of the fires that have ravaged the state this summer.

However, Romney was there to do more than just provide assistance to Coloradans in need. He also had a message for Americans, which was broadcast to millions around the nation through cable and direct tv providers.

In spite of the devastating wildfires, the former governor of Massachusetts implored Americans to continue visiting Colorado. Romney reminded the public that only a small part of the state had been affected, and that vacationing there will help boost the economy.

While Romney did not make any political statements during his time at the food bank, his campaign team has been working hard to earn votes in Colorado – a key swing state in the 2012 presidential race.

In fact, Romney has already stated that Colorado could end up being the deciding factor in the election. The latest polls show that the battle between Romney and incumbent president Barack Obama for the Centennial State is too close to call.

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